Monday, June 11, 2012

La Fiesta De Mis Sueños!

One lovely Saturday Jacob and I decided to go to the drive-in movies. Since it was almost my birthday, I also wanted to go use my free $15 to Happy Sumo. We went to dinner and then needed to stop by Jacob's brother Peter's house to pick up our Jeep, because he had been borrowing it for the last year.

Little did I know what I would walk in to see...


 I was quite surprised.
The party was amazing. Jacob had sent like five e-mails to all my friends and family in the past weeks planning everything out to a T. I can't believe he hid it from me so well. I had absolutely no clue.  He did make up some elaborate lies. When I asked him why he put a lock on his phone he told me it was because then he wouldn't have to re-enter his wi-fi password every time he switched buildings at school.

 I love balloons and he rented a helium tank so he could fill the whole room with a billion balloons. Rad!


Just pushing my niece away from MY piñata candy. (Jk, geez)

Some of the ladies who came to celebrate.
Brag-fest 2012:
Everyone kept telling me how awesome Jacob is. And the guys kept telling him he sucked for setting the bar so high for them! Bahaha.


 The awesome sombrero cake my mom made! 

Cam pinning the tail on the baby donkey. 

The only time I have ever seen my dad wear a fake mustache and tiny sombrero, or any costume for that matter. I feel loved.

Freaking awesome. Best birthday ever!!! I couldn't have asked for more. I am super grateful to Jacob as well as our padres for helping him with the decor and food, Peter and Linda for letting him cover every inch of their house with fiesta fare, and all my friends and loved ones who drove distances to be there! Love you all! 

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