Saturday, March 3, 2012

A quick update.

1. I will be making a big announcement soon and can't wait. I'm bursting. And no, by that I do not mean that I am pregnant. So, for good measure, i'm not pregnant.

2. We conformed and got Iphones. We are addicted to Words With Friends and we gave ourselves 1 week to play as much as we want, which is up today, and now we are going to try scaling back our time playing when we are together or with family/friends. (It's kosher if we play each other, right?)

3. We made tamales a few weeks ago with a friend from work, Lorenza. She is from Chihuahua, Mexico... best. tamales. ever. My freezer is still full to the brim and my tummy is too.

Love you all. Bye.

6 tuppence:

Clay & Katie Hardman said...

Hey! We would love to continue to follow your blog!

Matt and Melissa said...

cannot wait for your big announcement!! and those tamales look amazing, yum!

Pretty said...
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Mike and Whitney said...

Add us please! :)

Desiree Messam said...

let me in would ya?

The Woodbury's said...

Yeah gurrl!!

P.S. Welcome to the iPhone world!! Do you love it?